The International Symposium on the role of human papilloma virus infection in the development of head and neck cancer will be held on November 21-22 in Poznan, Poland.

The link between human papilloma virus infection and the development of malignant neoplasms has been known for years and has so far been associated mainly with cervical cancer.

However, studies show that it can also cause cancer incidence in a completely different location - the throat and mouth. In the last decade, the number of patients with these cancers, including in Poland, has been increasing dramatically. Young people with a healthy lifestyle are becoming increasingly ill. Risk factors are also changing; in addition to cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse, certain sexual behaviors can also be dangerous.

The symposium organized in Poznan is an unprecedented event - co-organized by the Polish Head and Neck Tumor Research Group and the German and Dutch scientific societies of head and neck cancer - it will bring together more than 20 of the most prominent authorities from Europe and the U.S., including surgeons, oncologists, pathologists as well as biologists and virologists. Such a distinguished group of lecturers made the symposium very popular. More than 200 participants from all continents have registered to join.

Cancers caused by the virus are characterized by a completely different course and prognosis, so it is extremely important to develop new diagnostic and treatment standards, such as mandatory testing of throat and laryngeal tumors for the virus. Much of the symposium will also be devoted to the topic of preventive immunization programs, with the aim of defining clear, Europe-wide guidelines for adolescent vaccination programs.

Scientific Committee

René Leemans

Wojciech Golusiński

Andreas Dietz


Office of the Organizer

Kinga Lunitz – Coordinator
15 Garbary St., 61-866 Poznan
Phone: +48 61 88 50 929


Congress and Education Center
Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań
St. Przybyszewskiego 37a
60-356 Poznań/ POLAND

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